University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT) is a state university, transformed on 29.09.2010 by a decision of the National Assembly. It is the successor of: The State Library Institute (1950), FIBD, CBD and CBIT; and the Specialized Higher School of Librarianship and Information Technologies (2004). ULSIT provides education in bachelor, master and doctoral programs for educational and scientific degrees in three professional fields accredited by NEAA: 3.5 “Public communications and information sciences”; 4.6 “Informatics and Computer Science”; 9.1 “National Security”. 2000 students are trained in ULSIT . ULSIT has an great teaching and scientific capacity. Specific action on the part of the project organization::

  • administrative and financial services and project provision;
  • consultancy assistance;
  • use of available facilities (premises, equipment, etc.);
  • Information provision (access to books and libraries databases, library lending, electronic delivery of documents);
  • application of the created educational content in curricula of ULSIT specialties such as: Librarianship and Bibliography, Library and Information Management, Information Funds of the Cultural and Historical Heritage, Information Resources of Tourism, Information Technologies, Computer Science, Information Brokerage, Information Security and etc.;
  • Provision of appropriate work conditions (lighting, heating, water, etc.)
  • Seminar halls and seminar rooms for seminars;
  • Students from ULSIT are often recruited as technical staff;
  • Establishment of contacts with other universities in Bulgaria and abroad.

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